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City Publications Columbus



About Us

CITY PUBLICATIONS COLUMBUS is a locally owned company offering direct mail marketing solutions tailored to your needs. Our programs have a 22 year history of driving a strong ROI for businesses all over the United States.

We are premier lead generator dedicated to bringing you the ideal customer through targeted advertising campaigns. Our proprietary targeted mailing list reaches and activates the affluent homeowners who are ACTIVE spenders to deliver a positive ROI. The premium card deck format cuts through the clutter and directly engages the consumer to quickly move them through the purchase funnel.

We mail to single-family households with high home values and high income, ensuring we provide our clients premium leads. For every mailer, we also include new movers and new construction homes list of upscale residents to ensure that you are the first businesses to reach these consumers.

City Publications is the program of choice for consumers who need products or services for inside or outside the home, along with planning for the next night out! Reaching the highest value, owner-occupied homes in the market that are active spenders will provide measurable positive results and enhancement to your web site traffic.

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