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Cricket's Grand Slam



About Us

Cricket’s Grand Slam was originally founded in the Early 1990’s by Walter Lemaster at 4059 Wayne Street in Hilliard Ohio. The name Cricket comes from the nickname of Walter's wife Gladys.

Walter originally called his shop Cricket’s Treasure Chest. During this time Walter specialized in toys, dolls, and other collectibles.

Around 1994, Walter acquired a baseball card shop that was located in the same building that Cricket's Treasure Chest was in. Walter then auctioned off the inventory of Treasure Chest and moved into the space formerly occupied by the baseball card shop. It was also at this time that Cricket's Treasure Chest was renamed Cricket's Grand Slam Sports Cards.

In the late-1990’s Cricket’s Grand Slam started selling trading card games that were becoming extremely popular at the time, but the main focus was still on sports.

Walter later sold Cricket’s Grand Slam in the early 2000s. It remained in the Wayne Street location under the new owner until the late 2000s, when it was moved to another location within Hilliard. A few years later the shop was closed.

Fast-forward to 2020. Cricket’s Grand Slam has been reorganized under the ownership of Walter’s great-grandson, J. Anthony Upchurch, an avid collector and player of many trading card games, as well as an official Konami judge for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG. He has also begun to shift focus away from a sole sports cards store and primarily deal in trading cards and games. But sports cards will always be available!


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