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Steadfast Chiropractic, LLC



About Us

At Steadfast Chiropractic we specialize in pediatric, prenatal and family care. We know that the entire birth process can be incredibly stressful from preconception, through birth and beyond. With neurologically based chiropractic care we are able to help the entire family adapt to the stresses of an ever-changing world. We want you to experience your family thrive.

At steadfast chiropractic we utilize three state of the art pieces of technology that allow us to scan and assess your nervous system. We know in science that the nervous system controls the entire body. It tells our hearts to beat, our lungs to breath and everything else in between. These three scans show us how stress is built in the nervous system and affecting your daily life. Through gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments we are able target these stresses and allow your body to heal from the inside out.


Dr. Claire & Dr. Brennan
The front desk, where you'll be greeted with a smile and directed to the next available adjustment room.
Each adjusting room is fitted with a custom table with multiple drops for a more gentle adjustment. And a breakaway midsection piece for pregnant mammas.
Our exam room is where we will learn everything we can about you so that we can better serve you in our office.
In our report of findings room we will go over all the details gathered from your exam and present you with the Doctors recommendations for care.
Our in-house x-ray suite gives us a clear picture of the bones in the spine and allows us to know exactly what's going on so we can proceed with care with confidence.
Our favorite room in the office is the mom's room, outfitted with a fully stocked changing table and a relaxing chair perfect for mom and baby to take a minute and relax following their adjustment.

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